About me

My name is Jan Kosmala. My professional adventure with software development started in 2007 as QA Engineer. In 2010 I became a software developer working in the international environments.

Right now I’m focused on fullstack development mainly based on .NET Core, Angular (TypeScript) and Azure.

I created this blog to share my knowledge and expierence with people around the glob.

Also I’m co-author of several scientific publications on biometry (usage of uniqueness of the finger vein patterns):

  • Kosmala J., Saeed K., Human Identification by Vascular Patterns, chapter of the book Biometrics and Kansei Engineering, Springer New York, 2012
  • Waluś M., Kosmala J., Saeed K., Finger Vein Pattern Extraction Algorithm, Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems, Springer, 2011

In my spare time I spent time on the gym or riding on my motorcycle.