My basic .NET (Core) dev toolkit

Here I will put a list of “must have” libraries in most of your .NET (Core) projects:

  • Autofac – dependency injection replaced with embedded DI/IoC – typically it is enough
  • Entity Framework Core – access to SQL database
  • RestSharp – HTTP client (if you have to send requests to other URIs)
  • Serilog – logger
  • Application Insights – complex logging & log presentation (or equivalent if your app is deployed in the cloud)
  • Security Code Scan – security scanner (more in this post)
  • Scrutor – add Decorator injection to Microsoft’s DI in .NET Core


  • xUnit
  • Moq – mocks for unit tests
  • FluentAssertions

Other tools worth to consider:

  • Choco package manager for Windows (
  • OWASP Dependency Check – tool to detect known vulnerabilities in dependencies (e.g. nuget packages); can be used as plugin in build server