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JetBrains research – The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2018

JetBrains just published they current research on the state of developer ecosystem. Key facts are: Java and JavaScript are still on top (recruiters: do not mess these technologies!). Also very popular are: SQL, Python, PHP, C#, C++. It seems like Kotlin and Rust are getting more popular.

That was surprised me was statistics on employment: only 5% people is self-employed and 15% are students. 55% are fully employed which seems to be quite high rate. Also 2% of unemployed looks like high rate especially if we consider high volume of offerings on the market.

If we consider project methodology – 34% said that they have none. It is really high rate which proves weak project organization.

When we aproach to C# and .NET platofrm – already 42% uses .NET Core. 90% of devs uses Windows, 6% Mac and 4% Linux. Key facts regarding unit testing: NUnit is ued by 42%, MSTests 46% and xUnit by 22%. Personally I did not work since very long time on any project with Microsoft Tests framework so I have no idea why it is so popular.

Most of .NET folke were involved in ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core projects. 18% works on Xamarin which is quite high popularity.

Quite interesting are statistics on build servers – 61% of people is using Jenkins on regular base.

Also interesting is that 70% of developers is located in 17 countries.

Full results can be found on JetBrains site.

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