Alternative hobbies for software developers

Typically software developers are coding after the job. If you’re not a software developer, you may be surprised, but we’re really doing this! But… we also do a bunch of other fancy things including home automation, travels, photography, riding bikes and motorcycles, shooting etc.

The most crazy hobbies of my mates who works in IT:

  • motorcycles
  • bikes
  • parachuting
  • gliders and powered hang gliders
  • shooting (sport shooting)
  • hunting
  • sailing
  • ski touring
  • martial arts
  • survival

And also a bit less crazy things:

  • home automation (inteligent home) / IoT
  • board games
  • traveling
  • gym
  • photography

So as you can see we’re not just lazy nerds but also people who like adrenaline 🙂

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