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AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam preparation

As I started work with AWS and I will spend with it some more time, I decided to take the exam AWS Solutions Architect Associate. A prerequisite for this exam is 1 year of experience with AWS. Full list of requirements can be found here.

An exam itself is composed of 65 questions with single (1 of 4) or multiple valid responses (2 of 5) . You can find sample questions provided by AWS here. Two crucial requirements in these and any other cloud exam are:

Ability to identify and define technical requirements for an AWS-based application.

Ability to identify which AWS services meet a given technical requirement.

Once you understand these and know the difference between services, most of exam should go ease.

This exam may contain unscored questions (and it is not defined durign test resolution). I don’t think it’s fair approach (treating examinated people as guinea pig).

AWS has page about their Well-Architected Framework which is valuable resource (quidance about best practices, real life cases).

As a part of preparation, I started looking into Whizlabs sample exams available here. I will be sharing next materials once, I will find something interesting.

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