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Budgets and payments in clouds

How to set up payments and budgets in cloud provider is today’s topic. Usually providers offers two payment models: consumption based – monthly invoice for consumed resources reserved instances – paying upfront for reserved resources (capacity) Also interesting part is setting up spending limits. Alibaba Alibaba has very simple budget interface. In fact it allows …

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Cloud comparison – intro

Under the series of articles I’m going to discuss the differences between main cloud compatitors: Alibaba AWS Azure Google (GCP) IBM Cloud Oracle This list is based on Gartner’s magic quadrant (2019) and the order is alphabetical. Looking into Gartner’s data, the leader is AWS and just few steps behind is Azure. Next is GCP. …

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Spanner – GCP custom SQL solution

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers 3 SQL engines as a service: MySQL 5.6/5.7, PostgreSQL 9.6 and Spanner. MySQL and PostgreSQL are quite well known across the world. Spanner is completely new player – Google’s own product dedicated to handle thousands of requests. When we setup the database, it is required to specify number of nodes …