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SQL vs NoSQL – when to use which?

My neighbour asked me today: SQL was built on integrity and consistency, and it scales up. NoSQL is designed for geographical distribution and speed, and it scales out. What I don’t get is why don’t we always use NoSQL for everything? When the traditional SQL db is more beneficial ? Typical SQL database is designed …

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SQL Server 2019 – very short intro

Today Microsoft presented SQL Server 2019 in general availability. Did you expect a lot of new features? I did not but it looks like Microsoft made a nice surprise. Most important features: Support for big data using SQL Server, Spark and HDFS Support for AI (including Python) Data virtualization – allows to use SQL Server …

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Spanner – GCP custom SQL solution

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers 3 SQL engines as a service: MySQL 5.6/5.7, PostgreSQL 9.6 and Spanner. MySQL and PostgreSQL are quite well known across the world. Spanner is completely new player – Google’s own product dedicated to handle thousands of requests. When we setup the database, it is required to specify number of nodes …