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SQL Server 2019 – very short intro

Today Microsoft presented SQL Server 2019 in general availability. Did you expect a lot of new features? I did not but it looks like Microsoft made a nice surprise.

Most important features:

  • Support for big data using SQL Server, Spark and HDFS
  • Support for AI (including Python)
  • Data virtualization – allows to use SQL Server as “proxy” to other data sources (relational and non-relational, called PolyBase external base)
  • Improvements to In-memory operations
  • Auto tuning including execution plan optimization
  • Always On using Kubernetes cluster
  • Data analytics in direction of GDPR compliance
  • Improvements in running on containers

It seems that important part is Azure Data Studio. I had no chance yet to play with it however it looks like pretty interesting tool which will replace soon (or already replaced?) Management Studio. The tool is a multiplatform open source.

More details on this site.

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