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AWS DynamoDB – 3 ways to query and read results in .NET

In my very first post, I showed how to use DynamoDB in .NET to receive single result (post). Looking into the evolution of API and layers of abstraction, we have much more options to query AWS DynamoDB. Therefore we have 3 ways to query and read results which I will demonstrate in this post. The …

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Install .NET Core on Debian Linux

Microsoft prepared quite good instruction how to install dotnet runtime on Linux. I’ve been interested in Debian distro. So I went pretty smooth through the first part of the manual (system setup). However installing dotnet I had constinously an error that package cannot be found. First comment: the package name has been changed and it …

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AWS Cognito – Identity Pool usage in .NET Core

Some time ago I had to implement authorization and authentication for REST (.NET Core 2.1, the latest stable nuget package version is 2.1.3) web service using JWT tokens (bearer) using AWS Cognito Identity Pools. It was pretty hard to find the updated tutorials or materials (even on AWS most of the data is about old …