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SpecFlow – BDD in C# – induction

BDD – this acronym stand for Behavior Driven Development. This methology has been built using concepts of TDD (Test Driven Development) and DDD (Domain Driven Design). This type of tests is often done as integration tests (UI tests or API). One of the most popular libraries is SpecFlow. I was using this solution for Xamarin, …

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Security Code Scan – open source vulnerability patterns detector

Security Code Scan is open source (LGPL v3.0) vulnerability patterns detector for C# (including .NET Core) and VB.NET. It has two installation modes: either as VS extension or as nuget package (SecurityCodeScan). Instead of writing about types of attacks which it can detect – let’s demo it. As a test application, I created API application …

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Install .NET Core on Debian Linux

Microsoft prepared quite good instruction how to install dotnet runtime on Linux. I’ve been interested in Debian distro. So I went pretty smooth through the first part of the manual (system setup). However installing dotnet I had constinously an error that package cannot be found. First comment: the package name has been changed and it …