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Unit tests: code coverage – line coverage vs branch coverage

Quite often we can meet with a statement that code coverage should be x% where usually x = 80. But what is exact meaning? Is it line coverage or branch coverage or something else? Typicaly developers are using line coverage as most of software supports it however much more meaningful is branch coverage. Let’s take …

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Few basic things to plan in your IT project

I just completed reading 2 great books: The DevOps Handbook: How to create world-class agility, reliability, & security in technology organizations and The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win. These awsome books caused that I started thinking about my past projects in terms of what we did wrong and …

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SpecFlow – BDD in C# – induction

BDD – this acronym stand for Behavior Driven Development. This methology has been built using concepts of TDD (Test Driven Development) and DDD (Domain Driven Design). This type of tests is often done as integration tests (UI tests or API). One of the most popular libraries is SpecFlow. I was using this solution for Xamarin, …