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Rider – my first good impression

A couple days ago I installed Rider IDE from JetBrains (on Windows machine). Installation process is easy and quick. First impression after start – what’s that?!? Completly different UI that I get used to from Visual Studio.

When I started creating new project, I had a problem with choosing right option as UI is not intuitive – on the left side you’re choosing project type and details are provided on the right side.

When I started with .NET Core application, I tried to save using Ctrl+S – it does not work with Visual Studio keymap (and ReSharper) – it works for IntelliJ keymap. Save is Ctrl+Shift+S.

However build time made a really great impression – it works very fast.

There is a lot of additions related to refactoring and testing. For example, REST client for testing is offered (with possibility to save collection). In terms of refactoring, all Resharper features are embedded.

REST test client

When I created default ASP.NET with React, it did not build properly due to NPM missing packages (install failed but build said successfull). It required manual run of npm install.

In my opinion, it is interesting product, worth more exploration and getting familiar with, however it requires learning new habits.

I would say big thank you to the organizers of DevWarsztaty thanks to whom I can increase my knowledge and enjoy 1 year license.

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