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.NET MAUI – Xamarin.Forms successor

Today Microsoft announced .NET MAUI – a successor of Xamarin.Forms.

Besides well known MVVM, .NET MAUI will use MVU (Model-Vue-Update) pattern. At first glance, the code will be much more readable (shorter) and closer to functional programming.

Next milestone is single project for all types platforms. Right now, you need to have separate for iOS, Mac, Android, UWP.

New platform will remove also one of the biggest obstacles related to iOS development – for development connection to Mac will not be needed any more! It will be required only to prepare distribution packages.

The migration itself will not be straight forward (so no 100% compatibility but it should be high). Suprisingly Microsoft will support try-convert migration when it will be closer to go-live.

Unfortunately, besides these awsome news, there is also one bad – all these features will be available in .NET 6 so it will be available in stable, public version in November 2021 (preview by end of 2020). By that time, last version of Xamarin will be delivered with 1 year support. Microsoft expects that since that moment, entire code will be targeted to new platofrm and old one will be migrated.

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